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Applications open

  • Stream 1 IP Certification program applications will re-open April 30, 2024. Applications are being waitlisted for 2024-2025 cohorts. 
  • Stream 2 IP Mentorship are open. Applicants will have the option to waitlist if a mentor is not immediately available.
  • Stream 2 IP Strategy supports (up to $25,000) will re-open April 30, 2024. Applications will be approved on a rolling basis.
  • Stream 3 IP Implementation supports (up to $60,000) applications will re-open from April 30 - May 20, 2024. Review by the selection committee will take place after May 20.

How to start your application

  1. Click the Register button to create an account
  2. Validate your email address 
  3. Answer eligibility questions 
  4. Click on programs, find the program you want to apply to
  5. Start your application
  6. You may save your application as you go, and come back to it later

Submitting an application

  • Each program application has tasks to complete - entering your basic info, an initial IP assessment, then the application form for the specific program you're applying to
  • You must complete all tasks to have your application considered
  • Mark each task as complete when finished
  • To submit your application, you must hit the Submit button

Please note, if you apply for multiple programs, some tasks will be reusable and will pre-populate for you (like your startup's basic information).

Have changes to that pre-populated info? No problem, you can update it as needed.

Review process 

For all outcomes, you will receive an email to notify you of your application's status: rejected, incomplete, approved, conditionally approved, or waitlisted. 

  1. You will be emailed if approved or waitlisted for the Stream 1 Certification program on a rolling basis
  2. You will be emailed if approved for the Stream 2 Mentorship program on a rolling basis
  3. You will emailed if approved for Stream 2 Strategy supports on a rolling basis. Reviews are now happening weekly.
  4. You will be emailed if approved for Stream 3 Implementation supports. Committee review is now happening monthly. 
  5. Stream 2 Strategy supports is reviewed by the programs team.
  6. Stream 3 Implementation supports is reviewed by the programs team and a selection committee.

About AccelerateIP

AccelerateIP is an ElevateIP Recipient, a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). 

The program provides entrepreneurs in BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut with access to education, skills development, and support for protecting, managing and leveraging their intellectual property. 

New Ventures BC is leading the program, with InnovateBC as its prime delivery collaborator, alongside a network of accelerators, incubators and tech organizations.

AccelerateIP is offered through three streams of programming:

  1. IP awareness and education
  2. Strategic IP guidance and access to IP strategy support, up to $25,000 of costs to work with a legal service provider
  3. Supports for startups to execute on IP strategy implementation, up to $60,000 of costs to work with a legal service provider

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